• All hail Queen Bea (Bea Johnson) and her blog that launched the Zero Waste movement worldwide:
  • Lauren Singer is a single girl living zero-waste in New York and has filled just one mason jar of rubbish in the last four years(!):
  • Meet Matthew and Waveney, a kiwi couple who challenged themselves to a rubbish-free year.  Includes a handy A-Z guide:
  • Rob Greenfield is a dude making a difference.  He’s an environmental activist known for his zany, positive approach to saving the planet.  From his off-the-grid journey across the US on a bamboo bike, to dumpster diving, to spending a month consuming like an everyday American and wearing his rubbish in a huge trash suit…you can’t help but be inspired:
  • I started the Zero Waste in NZ! facebook group in June 2016 and we now have over 14,000 members.  It’s a wonderful, passionate group of people supporting each other to reduce waste.  Join us!



  • ‘Zero Waste Home’, by Bea Johnson
  • ‘Plastic Free:  How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too’, by Beth Terry