Kristy Lorson


I’m available to run zero waste workshops in the Auckland area.

Feel free to contact me at:  azerowastewarrior (at) gmail (dot) com

trash talk workshop photo

Workshop feedback:

Your talk was totally on point last night.  Quite a few ladies commented to me about the quality of your presentation.  Nice one!  And so glad to have met you. – Liz P.

I attended the Celebrate Waste-Wise Women event last Saturday and I was soooo inspired by you!  I love learning about alternative ways of consuming that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable.  I hope I get a chance to meet you in the future as I really want to learn more from you! – Mari G.

Thanks for the great talk…I’m totally inspired to follow in your waste free footsteps. – Karen S.

We loved it!  Thank you!!!  I headed over to Bulk barn today and scouted it out for my next shop.  – Coralie A.

Thank you Kristy!  You were so inspiring! – Anne R.

Thanks so much for joining us.  Your talk was so inspiring to all of us and a simple message – we can all make small changes that make a big difference! 💚 – Liz

On behalf of the Green Bay Community House, I would like to thank Kristy & her team for running this amazing workshop!  We are so excited to see the positive response…and will be working towards offering more zero waste activities in the near future. – Anja T